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When it comes to vaccines, most people think they’re just for kids. Although, they do help protect children from childhood diseases and the flu, it’s important for adults to get vaccines too. Remaining your healthiest will help to keep you and your loved ones safe from unexpected diseases. In order to remain your healthiest, both physically and mentally, ask your doctor about these top 4 vaccines to be aware of in your golden years.

The Flu Vaccine

The Flu vaccine is administered seasonally to protect against influenza A and B. As we grow older, our immune system is more apt to break down and as a result, we contract diseases easier. It is important to maintain your flu shot each year to lower your risk of getting sick.


Although you may have had chicken pox when you were younger, the virus, Varicella Zoster, stays within the nerve cells of the body. Around the age of 50, this virus could cause what is commonly known as shingles, a painful disease associated with red blisters. These symptoms can also affect adults when the virus is reactivated.


Tdap stands for a plethora of diseases such as tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. This vaccine is recommended in order to deter illnesses such as throat infections and even whooping cough. Although this shot is usually administered as a child, a booster shot is suggested later on in life.

Pneumococcal Vaccine

This vaccine helps prevent against diseases affecting the lungs or bloodstream. At an older age, people are more likely to deal with respiratory related illnesses. This vaccine will reduce the risk of experiencing any of the relevant conditionsAs always, individuals are encouraged to talk with their doctor and make sure these vaccines are right for them.

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